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This community is for people who seek Dir en grey pictures that they cannot find easily as well as for people who would like to share Dir en grey pictures!


01 : All pictures must be of Dir en grey.

02 : EVERY post must be relating to photos somehow. They must have something to do with a photo, screencap, icon, wallpaper, fan-art, etc.
If you want to discuss news or have a question about the band or what ever else, please refer to dir_en_grey. All off-topic posts will be deleted.

Also, off-topic comments should be kept to a minimum. It is fine to go off on a tangent in a very small thread, but do not carry it on for too long. This can get extremely irritating for the original poster when they sift through their inbox and it can get tiresome for the mods, as well.

Promoting other communities related to Dir en grey are fine, but you may only promote once. Also, if you link pictures, icons, art, or anything else to a different journal or community, make sure it is not a friends locked post. Not everyone will want to friend a journal or join a community just to see some pictures and it may get bothersome to members when the link cannot be viewed.

03 : ONLY POST PHOTOS THAT HAVE THE PERMISSION OF DIR EN GREY TO BE VIEWED PUBLICALLY. More recently, unofficial photos have been flying around all over the internet. You must be careful of what you post due to legal issues.
Some unofficial photos are allowed to be posted here, such as photos that were taken of Dir en grey's performances where the venue allowed cameras. However, any "stalkery" pictures and any pictures that look very personal are not allowed here. Even if you find a personal looking photo that was posted publicly in one person's journal doesn't mean the original poster intended it to spread.
Most photos you will come across are public domain but if you really are not sure about it and have never seen the picture before and it looks like it could have been a private photo that was never published, do a little research before posting it. Find out where it came from and if it was intended for the public. If you are posting a private photo, make sure you have complete permission from the original poster and owner of the pictures to post it elsewhere.
Under no circumstances are you to post fan-taken pictures from private concerts. Cameras are banned from these concerts. Pictures taken at private concerts from a hired photographer, of course, are allowed.
If you have any questions about a photo you would like to post but are unsure of whether or not it is allowed, you may e-mail a moderator with the photo or a very detailed description of the photo (and if possible, a link from where you got the photo) to see if it is allowed to be posted in direngrey_fotos.
*Note also that posting unofficial pictures anyway is breaking a rule of the community and makes you liable to be warned or banned accordingly.

04 : You may not flame, bash, or troll. Do not argue with the mods either. If you have an issue with one of the mods or an issue with someone else in the community, please speak with one of us personally. Do NOT publically argue or make a scene with another member of the community or a moderator. If you have a problem, take it into private. We do ban people if necessary. Do not make a spectacle out of yourself.

05 : If you post large pictures or more than one (small) picture, you MUST use an LJ-cut. Anything larger than 200x350/350x200 pixels should be put under an LJ-cut.

06 : Fan-art: BL/Shounen-Ai fan-art is fine and welcome here, as long as it is tame; BUT you must use an LJ-cut and put a warning about what it contains inside. Please friends lock the post. This rule is simply not to aggravate anyone who does not agree with the concept (and if the proper warnings are given, those who do not agree with the concept may not flame, bash, or troll the post; if you forget a cut, be prepared for some angry responses). Also keep in mind that many people check LJ while at work which is why it is MANDATORY that any BL art is kept behind an LJ-cut with the proper warnings. Pairing projects involving fan art, icons and wallpapers are welcome here, but if you are posting banners to go along with them, please keep that under an LJ-cut, along with your art. You don't want it to start looking like spam.

DO NOT post yaoi or nude fan-art, as this is porn. Porn is NOT welcome here.

DO NOT post fan-art depicting any of the Dir en grey members in a negative way. Light joking around is fine but keep anything that may cause drama out of here.

DO NOT post any hardcore eroguro art. Light touches of it are okay, but do not go overboard with it.


Please note that while we have our own set of rules for the community, the maintainers will comply with Dir en grey's staff if we are contacted regarding anything that needs to be changed with how we run this community. We respect Dir en grey and their staff and company that represents them. Therefore, if we are contacted by them, we will listen to them and take necessary actions if any are to be requested.


decomposition's e-mail.
thrux's e-mail.
ramsara's e-mail.
shan__jisatsu's e-mail.

what's appropriate?

01 : Make picture requests.
You may request photos from particular photoshoots, screen caps from PVs, interviews, tours, fan-art, icons, pics of Dir en grey doing silly things, ANYTHING. If you're looking for ONE particular picture though, try to be specific in describing what you want. PLEASE check the memories section to see if you can find what you want before posting! And of course, please do not request any illegal photographs.

02 : Post pictures (big ones under an lj cut, or more than one small one must be under an lj cut). Icons, color bars, wallpapers, and fan-art are all allowed.

03 : Comment with the requested pictures.

keep in mind
A certain level of maturity is required here. That is, please post and comment maturely, even if the original poster appears to be immature or says something that really ticks you off. This doesn't mean you can't call somebody out for being out of line but do so maturely. The best thing to do, however, is to e-mail the moderators if there is a problem with another member. Getting involved in a thread can get long and tiring for everyone.

Keep rude and condescending comments out. It is disrespectful, often hurtful and this is not the place for it. In addition, such comments can really deter newcomers.

We realize many of you are opinionated. However, since this is a photos community, a place to post, request and discuss images, keep your opinions of other people in the community to yourself. Feel free to express your opinions regarding photos of the band members.

Many of the pictures here are scanned from photobooks. Like mp3s, the duplicates will never be as nice as the originals. If you enjoy these pictures, seriously consider buying the photobooks when you have the money.

If you have an issue, problem or concern over something or someone in this community please inform the moderators.

Anyone who violates the rules or who stirs up drama in the community will be in danger of being banned. A warning will be given first. If the problem persists with the same user, the user will be banned from the community without question.

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If you would like your community to be affiliated with direngrey_fotos all you have to do is contact a moderator.

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Credit to dark_schuldig for being the creator and ex-head-moderator of this community.

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